About me and the AHT

I have been interested in this breed for a while, so when AHT was recognized by the Nordic Kennel Union in 2017, meaning they can be registrated in Norwegian Kennel Club and are allowed at shows, I started to search for a puppy - or 4. 

Short history: The breeding of the American Hairless Terriers (AHT) began in the early 1972's when a hairless puppy was born into a litter of mid-size Rat Terriers. This was not the first hairless puppy born to these parents, but it was the first to be given to a couple in Louisiana, Edwin and Willie Scott, who immediately fell in love with this female puppy and named her Josephine. Josephine became the foundation for the American Hairless Terrier breed.

 AHT breeders in cooperation (only in Swedish)