Noushzad Basim Badawi

Basim is beautiful inside out, a dream to live with. Basim sired my E- and F-litters and is now retired. 

Pedigree here.

Red Hawk's Sweet Dreams

Shakila, my wonderful parti-girl. She is an adult but still she can be as playful as a puppy. A soft and gentle female with a lot of love and affection and kisses to give out.

Pedigree here.

Ain Zafir Emira

Emira, our black pearl, the Sloughi, the hurricane and destroyer of CDs and DVDs. 

Emira is a dream I had for 10 years, after I got to know Line's sloughis, we agreed that one day I would have a female with both her imports in the pedigree. So here she is, granddaughter of the kindest sweetest loveable Alto and grandaughter of the stunning majesty Saphire!

Kadoka wind of changes

Lydia is a very sweet and gentle girl. She has the most beautiful soft coat, she is very playful and spend alot of time running and playing with her friends. Lydia is my husbands saluki.