Champions & Winners

Owned, bred, co-owned and previously owned by me

Italian greyhounds

N Ch
Biscotti Boss
INT Nord UCH N S DK UCH Dutch Ch NW-08-09 AmsterdamW-10 Biscotti Esclusivo
Biscotti Belizza Darlica (2 cac)
Biscotti Queen Golden Jubilee (4 cac)
N Ch Biscotti Heavenly Hera Keylee
Biscotti Isadora (1 x cac)
Biscotti Jill Illi (2 x cac)
SBIS N Ch Biscotti Mademoiselle
RO BG CH BG GRAND BALK Ch Biscotti Michaela
Est Ch Biscotti Marcello
N Ch NVW-11 Sasha
Int Dk N Ch Vertragus Rinaldo

Int Nord I S
Dk N Ch NW-06 Movado Ric Rosso
Talata Uma TT (2 cac)
Dervisch Cosmic Curves (6 cac)
Dervisch Main Attraction (1 x cac)
INT DK N UCH NORDW-08 DKClubCh DJUBW-07 Cabernet Sauvignon Pustynny Wiatr
BIHCH Valmiki du Manoir des Ombreuses
N Ch Dunrobins Verdi

Cirneco dell'Etna

S Uch Biscotti Anteo
"Rico" is the first cirnechi in Sweden with a Preposition test in bloodtracking.
Biscotti Bandini (2 x cac)
NORDJV-10 N UCH Biscotti Babetta
INT NORD UCH NV-01 SV-00 NORDW-06-08 Are But Not's Aloveable Adonis (LC lisens)
N Ch Are But Not's Choise
S N DK INT UCH NORDW-08-10 NW-09 Red Hawk's Beatrice


N Ch Sharqiy Shaman Bassaas (LC lisens)
N Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah
Arab Bahari's Varah Wahimah (3 cac)
Arab Bahari's Bahya Beida (3 x cac)
Biscotti Razali Nafsaniyah (2 x cac)
Biscotti Razali Nee AlSayad Caravan CC CM
Biscotti Baaz Bedouin (2 x cac)
Jdg Ch Biscotti Baaz Basmah


Ain Zafir Emira (2 x cac)