Memory lane

This page is dedicated to dear friend's who left me.

Animals never belong to us, they pass through our lives
on journeys of their own.
They ask no more of us than
that we love them
and then let them go on in dignity and peace.

Animals come and go
with lessons to learn and lessons to teach.
So, we love them and learn.
We accept the pain of their going
as we received the joy of their coming.
All of it is a blessing.

-Shirley Thayer-

Arab Bahari's Shaadin Taliiq
04.06.2001 - 13.05.2013

N Ch Dunrobins Verdi
27.04.1998 - 30.04.2013

Arab Bahari's Varah Wahimah

2004 - 2012

Are But Not's Aloveable Adonis

2000 - 2011

Biscotti Baaz Batiikh

2009 - 2011


2008 - 2010

Pinocchio des Princes de Kazan

1999 - 2011

N Ch Are But Not's Choise

27.1.2004 -  august 2009

Luna, my lovely soulmate, my sweet girl. This was too early Luna, way to soon,,,,, Love you forever!

N Ch Sharqiy Shaman Bassaas
"Østens skjønnhet skinner"!

16.8.2000 - March 2008

My lovely Basse, a strong but rather small male, only 63 cm. Basse was my first saluki, and ohhh my god he thought me all about the breed! A routine operation failed and we had to let him go. I still hate that day and everything around.......


09.12.2000 - 16.02.2005

A beautiful lady with a strong mind, as a puppy and young dog she had one speed, full speed!
That is why I called her "Turbo-Trine", in short "TT".

Sadly she was poisoned, my vet did everything he could for her, but we lost this battle
and I had to let her go.

31.07.1997 - 2002

Nash was a lovely male with a huge personality. However, he climbed fences, 1,80 meter's. This became his destiny. One day he was gone again, he would always come back, but the last time he was hit by a car, my husband heard his scream, picked him up and rushed to the vet. He was badly damaged and paralyzed in his back feet among other things. This was a very difficult decision to make, but I know it was for the best.

12.07.1999 - 10.4.2000


I remember it as it happend yesterday. Sweet little Pan, a lovely and happy puppy who just wanted to explore the river. To make a long story short, I watched him drown in the river Glomma - there was nothing I could do - I still hear him scream.