Updates 2011

8 December

IG puppies planned

7 December

Saluki puppies

2 December

New page with Champions & Winners

1 December

Promising white/cream saluki male and female puppy available

Results Emira

Results Mister
Results Nero

30 October

White/cream saluki male puppy available

20 October

Saluki puppies available

13 October

Saluki puppies, some names and owners added

10 October

Saluki puppies

Biscotti T-litter is born

3 October

Saluki puppies

IG puppies

19 September

IG male puppy available

18 September

Saluki puppies 4 weeks old

New photos of "Mister"

"Nero's" page is up

6 September

Saluki C-litter 2 weeks old

IG male puppy

1 September

IG S-litter born

IG puppies expected

30 August

Saluki B-litter news

22 August

Newborn saluki puppies

19 July

IG male

18 July

Saluki puppies

30 June

Iba's page updated
Tabrika's page is published

IG puppies expected
~ New IG males will arrive this summer ~

28 May

Blogg news

20 May

Blogg news

15 May

Blogg news


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15 February

IG puppies expected

Saluki puppies

Astra, Shakila and Emira's page is up

Blogg news

28 January

Blogg news